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Campaign for Healthy Homes

Too many homes and neighbourhoods built today undermine residents’ health and wellbeing. The TCPA, Lord Nigel Crisp (a cross-bench peer and ex-Chief Executive of the NHS) and our supporting organisations, are campaigning to transform the way the built environment is regulated.

Standards for new homes and places are fragmented, complex and do not guarantee that all new homes provide for residents’ basic human needs, such as access to green space and local services, and clean air. Some homes built through Permitted Development even lack access to natural light, and thousands more have been built in office parks and industrial estates. These truly are ‘slums of the future’.

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A national campaign:

The TCPA have developed legislation – the Healthy Homes Bill – that simplifies the regulation of the built environment and ends the creation of unhealthy homes by introducing legally binding ‘healthy homes principles’. We are calling on government to amend or bring forward new legislation to make its key provisions law.

A local campaign:

The TCPA are working with councils and communities to explore different ways the ‘healthy homes principles’ can be used as a framework for improving the quality of new developments in their area. The project will build capacity through tailored support; secure control over the quality of development despite deregulation; and enable housing development as a tool for meaningful levelling up.

Healthy Homes in your area!

Are you a local councillor, or do you work for a local authority or other public body, and have an interest in adopting the Healthy Homes Principles for your area?  If yes, get in touch, we’d be delighted to hear from you!

Parliamentary Bill

Healthy Homes Bill

A bill that transforms the regulation of the built environment to
ensure that new homes and neighbourhoods support their
residents’ health and wellbeing


Healthy Homes Principles

We have identified a set of Healthy Homes Principles as a benchmark for what we should be achieving in new homes

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