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Resource launched on addressing flood risk through the planning system

Today the Town & Country Planning Association and the Environment Agency are launching a new resource on addressing flood risk through the planning system. The video explains how and why planning must consider flood risk and explores different options and opportunities.

National planning policy in England requires local planning authorities to steer development away from current and future flood risk areas and yet, every year planning permission is given to build thousands of new homes in flood zones. This new video resource will help local planning authorities reduce the gap between policy and practice by highlighting the positive actions we can all take to deliver safer places.

Hugh Ellis, Director of Policy at the Town & Country Planning Association, said:

Flooding is having a devastating impact on communities all over the UK. Climate change will drive even more extreme weather events so it’s vital we build in the right places and to the right standards. This new resource has a simple message for planners – climate change must be your overriding priority if people are to be safe and secure over the long term.

Julie Foley, Director of Strategy and National Adaptation for Flood and Coastal Risk Management at the Environment Agency, said:

Planning policies on flood risk are only as effective as the people that implement them. That’s why it’s crucial that all those involved in place-making understand the terrible impacts of flooding and how our changing climate is turning up the dial on these risks. The planning system provides a great opportunity for enabling sustainable and climate resilient development, in a way that will help build resilience in our communities.


The video can be found here.

The Town and Country Planning Association works to challenge, inspire and support people to create healthy, sustainable and resilient places where everyone can thrive.

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View the Environment Agency’s national Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Strategy here. The Roadmap to 2026, setting out how the Strategy will be implemented over this period, will be published later in June and will be available from the above link.

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